Whether it be Flatbed, Refrigerated, or Dry Van we will source the best available Carrier to meet your needs. All of our Carriers undergo a rigorous approval process which ensures they meet our recommended insurance requirements, safety ratings, and service standards. We work directly with our extensive network of Carriers to ensure we match the right Carrier to meet the service requirements your freight demands.

Choosing to move your freight as a full, dedicated truck means that your freight is loaded at a single point and unloads at a single unloading point. Since your freight is on a dedicated truck, there is no need for truck to truck transfers or routing on a hub system similar to LTL networks. Since the freight doesn’t have to be transferred, this essentially means less handling, which equates to less damage and fewer claims. It is also cost efficient in comparison to LTL freight, which can greatly reduce overall shipping cost.



Our team of Intermodal specialists work closely with rail providers to optimize available capacity while minimizing consumer cost. The intermodal process is as efficient as truckload while also providing substantial savings at a higher volume and longer range nationwide.

The process is simple; a truck will pick up your container and take it to the nearest rail facility where it will be en route to your desired location. Upon arrival, the container is then delivered by truck to the customer.

Several benefits of intermodal services include:

-Cost efficiency.
-Smaller carbon footprint.
-Flexibility between multimodal services.
-Reduced highway congestion.
-Increased security.

We offer coast to coast service across the continental United States as well as Canada and Mexico.



We have the expertise to help you manage your business. From logistics to transportation, from the day to day operation to the one time shipment, we have what you need. We also offer consulting to optimize your current logistics model. Depending on the size of business you need managed, we can even dedicate one of our company representatives to focus on just your service needs.

Small business owners often don’t have the time to manage, track, price, and maintain a distribution network. We can do that! We will follow up with your consumer, communicate arrival times, and keep you in the loop. You will know that your product arrives on schedule and damage free giving you more time to focus on other aspects of your business.



Need a truck every day or on a dedicated schedule each month? No problem! Let our in house dedicated experts work for you. Dedicated operations guarantees you the transportation capacity and services your company needs at a substantial cost savings. Let us protect your company from the seasonal fluctuation in pricing that happens too often with spot market business.

The produce industry in CA can often causes wide variances in shipping costs from season to season. It’s not uncommon to see shipping quotes change by as much as 25% in relation to increased fuel prices and demand for trucks. Protect yourself and your company from those variations that are costing you money by locking in guaranteed rates and ensuring you have the infrastructure to move your product!